AIT Strategies 

Advanced  Immune Therapeutic Strategies (AIT Strategies)  is a biomedical firm specializing in  translational immunology, clinical  development, regulatory strategy and product development. We are innovators in the field of "indirect immunization", a terminology introduced by our founder Dr. Christopher Nicodemus.  We work with  academic collaborators, biotechnology companies and contract research organizations to facilitate development of novel therapies in cancer and other therapeutic areas.

 Dr. Christopher Nicodemus 


   “If you prevent something from happening but hadn’t known it was going to happen, you would be unaware of your accomplishment”---That circumstance may now  be true in the case of Covid-19’s severe respiratory progression.  I think a “community actionable intervention study” could find a promising solution rapidly, but only if the disease is still hot with fresh cases. So rapid action is important. C Nicodemus MD FACP (expert in experimental clinical immunology) 


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Immune complexes processed by dendritic cells

Immune complexes processed by dendritic cells