Advanced Immune Therapeutic strategies (ait strategies) is a privately held firm focusing on biomedical research and development    with a special interest in immunotherapeutics.

AIT  Strategies believes that the immune system in individuals has the  capacity    to detect and eliminate cancer; however, in most clinical  presentations, this capacity has proven to be immobilized or is  by-passed    by factors induced by the malignancy. 

Our goal is to facilitate development of novel cancer therapeutics and synergistic    combinations that enhance specific immunity for the potential benefit of all those touched by cancer. It  is becoming widely    accepted that combination therapies will be necessary to successfully  mobilize the immunotherapeutic treatment of cancer and to maintain    immune responses induced by cancer immunotherapies.

We  work with multiple technology platforms designed to stimulate specific     immunity including monoclonal antibodies, adjuvant and vaccine  approaches. We collaborate with academic researchers and other  immunology    or cancer therapy companies.  Several main areas of focus are noted:

  1. Therapeutic IgE for Cancer.            From the original development at Advanced Immune Therapeutics this  technology has been further developed at Quest PharmaTech in  collaboration    with multiple academic investigators. AIT Strategies continues to  champion progress in this field and is excited by the opportunity    to continue this work with OncoQuest, Inc. the new oncology subsidiary  of Quest PharmaTech and with OncoVent, a Joint Venture    established with Shenzhen Hepalink to create the next step forward in  this exciting new area of cancer research.

  2. Therapeutic IgG for    Cancer.         Specific IgG when dosed in the appropriate immunogenic range is an  effective method    to induce a cellular immunity. AIT Strategies and collaborators have  worked extensively studying this use of a monoclonal antibody    as a cancer treatment approach. This technology has been advanced most  recently by Quest PharmaTech and has also been placed into    the new Immuno-Oncology portfolio of OncoQuest, Inc. where monoclonal  antibodies to CA125 (MUC16) and MUC-1 are being advanced with    the intention of establishing improved treatments for ovarian,  pancreatic, colon and other tumors expressing these tumor markers.    Progress with checkpoint inhibition has recently opened new  opportunities for allowing induced specific immunity to overcome tumor    derived immune suppression and control disease. AIT Strategies  believes tailored combinatorial strategies will succeed where previous    efforts with monotherapies were unable to overcome immune resistance.  Efforts focus on schedule dependent combination wtih chemotherapy    in newly diagnosed disease and combination with checkpoint inhibitors  and TLR agonists in advanced disease.
  3. Use of Selective    Adjuvants. AIT  Strategies is collaborating with industrial partners to identify  promising    and clinically practical agents that have the potential to  meaningfully enhance therapeutic outcomes of cancer specific  immunotherapy. Several publications in this area reflect this effort.

  4. Clinical Development Services.    AIT  Strategies has expertise    in the pathobiology of human disease, preclinical and clinical  development of novel therapeutics. We provide fee for service support    to select clients in a variety of disciplines, notably medical and  data monitoring, clinical safety, operational planning and regulatory    strategy.